Tips On How To Control Your Uncontrollable Curls

For those of us born with naturally curly or frizzy hair, it’s a daily battle to look at least reasonably presentable. It’s something that the straight haired folks never understand. Bad hair days are more frequent than the good; and then there are days in which you feel like stuffing all the curls under a hat or a scarf.

But this is not something you can do often; especially if you don’t want to be labelled as a sloppy dresser.

So what can you do to tame your hair? What are the small changes in your daily life that you can do to make your hair easier to manage? We’re sure that you too, like us, has wondered about this. So we combed the internet, and asked those with naturally curly or frizzy hair to give us a few tips on how to manage a head full of curls.

Take the weather and climate of your country into consideration.

If you live in a country where humid air, rain or even very strong sun shine is a normal thing, then perhaps this could be a reason for your curls going out of control. On the days when you expect rain, or humid winds, it’s best to try and keep your hair covered, at least outdoors.

Be conscious of what you sleep on.

If you wake up to a head full of out-of-control hair every morning, and if you haven’t had a particularly wild night in a while, then perhaps what you sleep on, rather than who you sleep with, is probably the reason for it. Cotton pillowcases tend to dry out your hair, and that in turn, makes your curls go crazy. Opt for a silk fabric or satin pillow case instead.

The “oily” tips.

If even a satin or silk fabric pillowcase is not doing you any good, then fear not! There’s still other tips that you can work with. Oiling your hair regularly, and giving it a massage (at home or a saloon) at least once a month is one of those tips. Oiling your hair will tame your frizz, and reduce its wildness. It doesn’t mean that you have to do a “Severus Snape” and walk around with greasy hair. This works even if you had applied oil just 15 minutes before your shower.

The “before and after a shower” tips to remember.

The way you shower, the products you use on your hair and the way you dry it largely affect the way it looks—especially with curly hair. As frizzy hair generally tends to be dry, avoid washing your hair every day; and if you have to, then avoid shampooing it every day. Choosing the correct conditioner is also important. In fact, some take years to find the perfect fit. Avoiding vigorously rubbing your hair after a shower is also a smart idea.

Try using a smooth, wool free material (like a t-shirt) to dry your hair. Use a “squeeze-pat” motion instead of a “rubbing motion” when drying your hair and allow it to air dry; we promise; it’ll make a world of differences!